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February 11, 2018 Update - First round signings
New York signs:  W Church, D Montgomery, O Merson, T Meyers, J Thiel
D.C. signs:  T Stark, J Cortez, R Bush, J Westin, T Jefferson, J Angermeier, M Blevins, P Schroeder
Delmarva signs:  A Torres, J Cairo, L Czarniecki, S Svarth, J Kettelle, A James, K Makhoul, S Fleming, N Nash, M Dilworth
Evansville signs:  C Kettlewell, K Boston, J Lightning, J Welker, C Daoust, J Collins, B Rivera
Texas signs:  C Peach
Baltimore signs:  K Dunker, T Blevins
Fort Worth signs:  L Arundel
Chicago signs:  A Smith
Arizona signs:  D Killebrew, E Diallo
San Francisco signs:  J Law, B Hauver
Indianapolis signs:  D Kelly
February 4, 2018 Update
Omaha gets:  W Blitzem
Sacramento gets:  G Langley
Omaha working to get the salary down a hair here.
January 28, 2018 Update
D.C. gets:  A Distorbo, 2019 E1, E3
Indianapolis gets:  T Fairchild, D1-25, E2-16, E3-18, 2019 E1, $600K
Interesting trade; didn't think D.C. was that salary-conscious.
January 25, 2018 Update
St. Louis gets:  E2-6, E2-24, E3-27, D1-22, T Lucena, M Mueller, 2019 E2,3,4,5
New York gets:  K Sherman
Blockbuster!  Holy mackerel!  Rush with the rebuild, AND they actually get multiple "now parts."  New York sending the
clear message that a second round exit (coincidentally, at home to St. Louis) is NOT acceptable.
St. Louis gets:  E Thomas
San Antonio gets:  R Mansaur
Interesting trade.  Another $$$ move.
D.C. gets:  E2-16, V Tyler
Ohio gets:  C Sarvas
Very interesting deal - not sure why DC is shedding payroll there, but Tyler is stellar.
Omaha gets:  M Ogwynn, E1-9
Sacramento gets:  H Hoffman
Quietly the Rampage are building a really good team.
Sacramento gets:  P McLeod
Texas gets:  C Blitzem
Quiet backup-for-backup deal that everyone will be happy with, ultimately.
January 14, 2018 Update
Seattle gets:  E5-4
Fort McMurray gets:  M Braun
It's an obvious salary dump, but the Fatmen will capitalize for cheap.
Seattle gets:  E4-11
San Antonio gets:  E5-15, D Pollock
Another salary dump, but Seattle is moving into sleeper shot territory.
Seattle gets:  E4-28
Texas gets:  M Rose
Another dump.  Seattle trying to clear up space from bad contracts of years past.
January 9, 2018 Update
Vancouver Island gets:  E1-5
Indianapolis gets:  D1-16, E1-18, E1-25
The Racers need bodies, so this makes sense.  Bill is trying to build up the back side for when the front side gets old.
January 8, 2018 Update
Vancouver Island gets:  E1-7
Huntington gets:  E1-26, M Simpson
There goes Bill wheeling and dealing to move up in the draft.  But this time, he's not trading starters to do it.
Huntington gets:  M Wobet, E1-19
Sacramento gets:  D1-5
Huntington's wheeling and dealing now, aren't they.  Not sure I like dealing the D1-5 here, but Wobet has played a bunch.
December 22, 2017 Update
St. Louis gets:  $15M
Huntington gets:  D Strachan
It's a blockbuster move.  Huntington makes their first big play in franchise history here, and it's a huge one.